Monday, May 5, 2008


bismlillah...... salam to all..... frenzzz,
nice catch word,do u think... idont know why but i guess it will catch some attention.hehehhehehehehehehehe. sincerely saying once i opened my blog account and viewed some of my frenz blogs... i felt something deep in my i see where im i, and where i stand. i thuoght i knew how to write. i guess i was wrong for my entire life.. i kept seeing my self as i good writer, but the truth is know clear I DONT! its time i came back to earth...i even thought of deleting my blog,but iguess this is where i start to learn.... to write we need knowledge.thus...i will try my best.insyaALLAH. it wont hurt to try right?? =)
so i trully hope my frenz will care to share some tips or comments,or even encouragement so that my blog is always ALIVE...and not DEAd....i will cherish those ideas forever.

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